January 15, 2017

Standard: 4 unhealthy foods that are marketed and sold as healthy

These days, it seems as if it is becoming harder and harder to dine out and find healthy options, other than a tasteless chicken salad, that is. Obesity levels are higher than ever before, our health is suffering, and weight-related illnesses and diseases such as type 2 Diabetes, are higher than ever before. Because of these stats, the good news is that more and more people are making much more of an effort to clean up their diets and lifestyles, and to lead healthier lives as a result. The problem is that due to clever marketing and advertising, many foods and drinks that are sold as “healthy” are only marginally better than their junk food counterparts. To help you tell the difference, here are 4 unhealthy foods that are marketed and sold as being healthy.

Flavoured Yoghurts – When people are trying to lead healthy lives and watch their diets, and their waistlines in the process, they will often start their days off with a bowl of fruit and yoghurt. The problem is that most flavoured yoghurts out there contain added sugars and chemical sweeteners for sweetness, as well as artificial preservatives to prolong the shelf lives. Those with added fruit are actually some of the worst, because the fruit ramps up the sugar content as it is often nothing more than a syrup. For a healthier alternative, go with a natural Greek Yoghurt, which will be high in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and probiotics, whilst being naturally low in sugars.

Low fat spreads – Low fat spreads such as margarine, were once considered dietary staples as people feared fat like they feared the plague. Healthy natural fats however, are very good for us, and, as it turns out, are much better than low fat spreads. Low fat spreads contain all kinds of artificial additives and flavourings to replace the fat, many of which have been linked to numerous health conditions. Natural butter from grass-fed cows is much, much healthier, and if you are watching your waist, just use slightly less.

Non-natural peanut butters – Watch any health food video online, or read any fitness blog, and you’ll have countless personal trainers and fitness fanatics telling you about how great natural peanut butter is. In its natural form, I.E nothing but pure ground peanuts, peanut butter is indeed great as it is rich in omega 3 fats, is low in trans fats and triglycerides, it is packed full of protein and minerals, and it tastes great. The problem is that most shop-bought peanut butters contain added salts, they contain added sugars, and they are mixed with hydrogenated oils and trans fats, which have been proven to increase dangerous LDL cholesterol levels. When choosing a peanut butter, read the ingredients and look for one that contains nothing but 100% pure, natural, unsalted peanuts.

Fruit juices – Now, whilst fruit juices do indeed contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, the problem is that they are also crammed full of natural fructose sugars. The naturally occurring sugars in the fruit do of course make their way into the juice, so by drinking too much, you are virtually drinking pure syrup. These sugars can cause spikes in insulin levels and hormonal imbalances, as well as unstable blood glucose levels which put you at risk of diabetes. Sugar is also high in calories so too much fruit juice could also potentially cause you to gain weight. A glass per day is perfectly fine, but after that try to get the rest of your fluids from fresh water instead.

As you can see, losing weight naturally is a great deal harder and more confusing than you may have initially realised. If you’re struggling to lose weight and want some help along the way, take a look at the 10 natural ways to lose weight E-book. Contained within you will find out everything you need to know about natural, healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

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